Upwork Jobs: Expectations vs. Reality ( Freelancers Must Know)

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Upwork is a global market place where freelancers and employers work together remotely. American based Company initially started its operation in the year 2003 with the name of oDesk, but after the merger with elance in 2015, it is rebranded as Upwork worldwide. Upwork Jobs are known for their diversity and Uniqueness.

Till 2019, Upwork has more than ten million registered freelancers, with around five million registered clients across the world. Upwork is the biggest online marketplace after Fiverr.

If you are a hardcore designer, Architect, Industrial Designer, Product manufacturers, expert web developer, and struggling from 9 to 5 am a job, then Upwork can be the best alternative for you.

Recent Upwork changes 

Currently, there is no free membership plan from Upwork. Even if you have a free account, then you need to buy connects at the price of $0.15 each. Previously it was free. Connects are just like points or coins which need to bid any project on Upwork. Prior most of the projects require two connects to apply, but now you need to have four, six, or even eight connects to apply projects. The current move is not welcome by most of the freelancers, clients, and agencies. At the client end, you need to put your job as a featured job to attract more freelancers. Previously you can invite as many freelancers as you can. But now you can invite up to three freelances only. The cost of the project to make it feature is $29.99. It is super costly now. 

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If you have some professional dream to achieve and struggling from finance, then you can fulfill your dream by working from home. Upwork should be your first choice while working from home if you are a skilled person. Even some of the time, you may find projects from Fortune 500 companies in the world. Yes, it can be an excellent experience for you.


1) Upwork has a user-friendly website which makes freelancer and clients work in transparency environment.

2) Upwork is a marketplace; you can register an account as a freelancer as a client and even as an agency in a single platform. 

3) Initially, freelancers can bid up to 30 Upwork Jobs per month from the free membership account, but now it is chargeable.

4) Upwork work with a Credit points system. Usually, two credit points are required to apply for a single job. Recently Upwork launched a $15 monthly membership program for the freelancer. 

6) Transparent and fast source of payment. Upwork jobs are also available in-app for Android and Mac platforms. You can talk to your client or freelancers while lying on the bed due to its amazing App.

7) Known for the diversity of job skills with good quality of projects. More than 300+ skills are available to work.

8) Best websites for every kind of skilled freelancers. They get a response quickly.

9) Most of the clients have a payment verified account with project history details that impress freelancers to work with them.

4) Upwork deals with the long-term project, which can be in hourly or fixed-price jobs. For hourly jobs, you can install a timer on your desktop, then as long as you continue working on the project, the timer will record, and according to that, your payment will release.

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1) The overall Competition is high. Most of the time, it’s tough even to register a new account in Upwork. Due to high Competition, Upwork not approved all newcomer accounts.

2) It requires skilled, talented freelancers. Talent is the primary key to get success quickly in Upwork.

3) Initially, you need to have the patience to get a response from the website.

4) Now its services are chargeable, which may affect newcomers to join.

5) Your profile and work portfolio should be outstanding. You can share your personal contact details with your clients if they ask for, but Upwork doesn’t allow any transactions outside the website. Upwork Jobs are limited to highly skilled freelancers. Freshers are nothing to do more on Upwork.

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