The 10 Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About How To Earn From Guru.com

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[su_heading size=”15″ margin=”30″]The 10 Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About How To Earn From Guru.com [/su_heading]

Guru.com is one of the oldest USA based marketplaces, where the employer can hire talented freelancers from various industrial domains to complete individual projects and jobs. It is a flexible Dashboard that provides employers and freelancers to connect with a platform to collaborate on different projects. Guru.com was founded in the year 1999 with the vision to provide an online market place where freelancers and employers can work together. Guru operated from the Pittsburgh Headquarter United states. How to work on Guru with The following steps?

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1) Registered with Guru.com

The first fore step is to get registered with guru.com. You can log with your valid email or Facebook id. I recommend you to register with your mail id and do double verification with your mail-id. If you have skype id, then also put details of skype in your profile so that the client can approach directly through your skype id. You need to have a valid mobile number for future payment transactions and one-time password verification. In Dashboard, you get two symbols one of chat and another one for notification in the right-hand corner side of the website. Where you can chat with your client and get the latest information about your account. Guru provides separate unique profile id to each freelancer. You can create an agency account, but for that, you need to register with another mail account. In the Dashboard, you can also search for jobs with the help of the above toolbar. This toolbar is also helpful in searching for freelancers or Guru for your project too. In a free membership account, Guru offers ten free bids per month to apply for the job. Unfortunately, guru.com is not available on App now. During account registration, you need to provide accurate details of personal and professional information.

2) Upload your bank and professional details to complete your profile

You can’t target all skills at the same time. Better start with one or two skills, then once your account is older, add later more. Expertise should be relevant to your profile. Guru seeks two payment gateway details for your account. It is mandatory.

You can use a credit card or PayPal account as a primary payment account. The primary account is an account in which you pay to Guru for paying membership charges and other related fees. The secondary account is an account where you can withdraw money from the Guru once you paid by the client. If you are US citizen, then you also need to submit a W9 form for tax deductions and report. In a Secondary account, you need to put your bank account, wire transfer, Payoneer, and PayPal details for withdrawal. Each transaction about some additional charges which is charged by payment Gateway Company. Guru charges only 10% commission from each sale, which you paid by the client.

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You also need to upload your unique identity numbers; government-issued identity cards, and other essential information details in Guru. It will increase your credibility.

3) Upload profile photo

You can upload your professional photo as well as the introduction video of your professional skill set. The photo should be neat and clean and clearly show your picture professionally. You can also put your organization logo if you registered Guru as an agency account.Guru.com allows you to put your company website address in your profile. Guru has one unique feature where you can add featured team members in your profile. Guru client offers the fixed and hourly based project to the freelancer. Guru Tracker can track hourly based jobs.

4) Upload portfolio

The portfolio is a vital tool to grab projects on any of the freelancing websites. The portfolio should be relevant and must be matching with your skillset and experience. Apart from your portfolio you also prepare a good business proposal for your clients. This proposal can be multiple depending upon the skills which you targeting. A good proposal is a key to the success of freelancing websites. Here you can see a few of my examples of a business proposal. If you have a working video of your project then it is more appreciable. You can also put these portfolio details in your external drive link and once you ready to send the proposal simple add this link in your proposal. You can create a stunning work portfolio with the help of grab.com and coroflot.com. There are many more websites who can help you to create amazing portfolio. If you complete one or two projects on Guru then try to save these project details on the computer. With these details, you can create your portfolio too.

5) Select a membership plan

You can try with a free membership account in Guru. And once you got some payment then switch to a paid membership account. In a free account, you can only bid ten projects monthly. But in paid membership account you get several unique and rollover options. Guru never considers a bid if you get an invitation from the client. Here is no feature of rollback in the free membership account. Guru offers a monthly and year paid membership plan which starts from $11.95 to $8.95 per month. In free membership plan, you need to pay $4.95 per test. Whereas in paid membership plans you can join Q/a sessions, search booster, and free skill test.

6) How to bid the project?

Bidding is an art of success in freelancing career. If you have a relevant portfolio, stunning business proposal, and excellent communication, then nobody can stop you from grabbing a project on any of the freelancing websites. Once the project appears on your Dashboard, you can click on it and send your bid proposal to the client. You can bid projects while searching for the Guru Search engine. The same process is applicable if you are looking for freelancers.

7) How to manage during Dispute? 

Freelancer has limitations to do with much during Dispute. If the hourly price projects, then freelancers must be paid at any circumstances. During the fixed price job, freelancers need to meet the deadline and project requirements. If he/she fails to deliver the project at the right time with client expectation, then the client may give me another chance to meet his project expectation and offer you revision, but one more time failure leads to a refund of payment to the client from escrow. It is advisable that if you fail to meet the project expectation, then return the escrow payment to the client. Until and unless the client never put lousy feedback on your profile. In this way, your guru profile never hampers for future upcoming projects.


If you successfully meet the expectation of the client, then you can ask the client to provide useful feedback at the end of the experience.

In Guru.com, there is a provision to seek automatically paid milestones once the project started. In the mid of a large project, you can seek automatically paid milestones after the seven days of work. For this, you need to mention in the contract during the bidding phase.

8) What is NDA?

NDA stands for a Non-disclosure agreement. This agreement signed between freelancers and clients, thereby binding freelancers not to disclose any confidential information related to a project. It’s a copyright issue for the client, and you need to be very careful before signing any NDA. Any leakage of confidential information from your end binds you to undergo legal proceedings. This case Guru will also ban your account.

9) What is the escrow account?

Most of the freelancers and clients have one common question in their mind. 

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How I get paid? And what to do if freelancers fail to deliver the project on time?

Escrow is a method used when two parties (Freelancers & clients) are in the process of completing a transaction (Projects), and there is uncertainty over whether one party or another will be able to fulfill their obligations. Contexts that use escrow include Internet transactions, banking, intellectual property, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, and law, and many more.

  • Escrow is the use of a third party, which holds an asset or funds before they transferred from one party to another. Here Guru has an Escrow account in which client money is held and release once the project completed in due time.
  • The third-party holds the funds until both parties have fulfilled their contractual requirements. In case of dispute, the guru has the right to refund the payment to the client if a freelancer unable to meet the requirement.
  • Escrow is associated with internet transactions, but it can apply to any situation where funds will pass from one party to another. Freelancer also needs not to worry whether he paid or not. The client already funded the project fee into escrow. Once a freelancer completes the task, that payment transferred into his/her account.
  • Never start your work if the client fails to deposit funds in escrow.

10) What not to do on Guru?

Never looser your patience even during the Dispute. Your behavior and patience play a vital role in the online market place. Never disclose your personal information in your bid. Never try to ditch the client. Never try to start a conversation with the client apart from the freelancing website. It leads to permanently banned from your account. 

You must use one single account on one unique IP address. Multiples account holding another reason to ban your account on freelancing market place. Never do incentive methods to get maximum positive feedback on your profile.

Here are the pros & cons of working on Guru.com


1) One of the oldest freelancing websites in the world. American Website provides ten bids per month in the free membership plan.

2) High-quality projects are available to work. Mostly Project Based on New invention and product design.

3) You can directly communicate with the client apart from Guru Website. Which is not possible in another website like Fiverr and the freelancer.

4) Transparent and fast source of payment. Guru also accepts PayPal for transactions. Accept various payments, likewise direct bank transfer, wire transfer, e-checks, etc.

5) Although the flow of the project is not like other freelancing websites, the quality of projects is excellent.

6) The best site for civil designers, interior designers, and product designers. Most of the time, innovative projects are available to work, which may attract talent designers and engineers to work. They get a response easily.

7) Most of the projects are long term based projects. It allows freelancers to earn more while working on Guru.

8) Guru doesn’t charge anything for a job posting as like others.

9) One great advantage while working on Guru is that safe pay integration. In simple terms, freelancer project payment is safe and secure. Freelancers can withdraw the amount from safe pay integration, even while the client is not online. Like another freelancing website, it does not require clients to approve each milestone payment. It merely works with the agreement made between client and freelancer before the project start.

10) One another advantage is that freelancer has a chance to get as much as feedback review in a single project itself. While on other freelancing websites, freelancers get only one feedback review after the end of the project, but in guru.com, freelancers have golden opportunities to secure feedback after each transaction of payments.


1) Limited Skills are available here. You find most of the American based recruiter here.

2) The Response time of the client is also poor. Sometimes a client may take one or two weeks to respond.

3) This website is not available on App as like others.

4) The overall design of the site is not good and look inferior to other websites.

5) The tracking app of the hourly based project is also not good.

6) You can’t create a client and even an agency account in a single platform. 


Although there are pros and cons to Guru.com, you can make passive income from this website. I know a few freelancers earning in the range of $15000-$20000 per monthly easily. You can try your luck and earn money online.

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