Solo Ads Review: Best CPA offer promotion strategy

[su_heading size=”15″ margin=”30″]Solo Ads Review: Best CPA offer promotion strategy[/su_heading]

What is solo Ads and how it works? Solo Ads review

You might be hearing about email lists or email blasts via email marketing campaigns. A solo ad is an email marketing campaign in which a solo ad marketer promotes your offers via sending email to his last email database according to your niche. Solo Ad provider has a large database of email lists related to various niche like Make money online, Health, Finance, etc.

They simply blast your offer to their active email list depending upon your niche.

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Best preforming niches in solo ads

It is true that solo Ads are not well performing to all niches. You can expect success if you have niche related make money online, health, finance, dating and gambling. Although you find various solo ad provider in various other related niche like surveys, bitcoin and loans etc. But chances of getting conversion from your CPA offers related dating, finance and gambling are limited. You can search and explore on UDIMI. 


UDIMI is online marketplace where you find solo ad seller and buyers. This is one of the best online platform to find solo ad marketer. You expect solo ad marketers having large number of email list in various niche. They have mostly tier 1 country (USA only) email list because high converting offers are mainly work in tier 1 countries.

Tier 1 country: USA, UK, GERMANY, ITALY etc. (Mostly developed nation who have potential to buy online)

Tier 2 Country: Brazil, Egypt, Greece etc. (Least developed country with low purchase power)

Tier 3 Country: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. (Developing country with low purchase power)

Start with Low budget then scale it

Solo Ad can be started with the low budget of $50 or even less. You can take trial by purchasing hundred clicks or email by solo ad provider. Solo ad provider normally charges the average CPC of $0.35 to $0.60 cent. Simply go to website UDIMI, check the best solo ad provider, and check their online reviews before placing any order.

How to select right Solo marketer?

solo Ads

Selection should be based on following

  1. Niche
  2. Feedback & Reviews
  3. CPC cost for per 100 clicks
  4. Opt in conversion rate
  5. Sales conversion percentage

Writing Ads script

It is always advisable to ask writing ads script from your solo ad provider. Since they are professional in writing ad script and ready to pay extra if they charge extra for writing ad script because they know how to do and what to do. Solo ad provider always provide you some extra clicks to you. And most of the clicks are from USA only.

Benefits of Solo ads

  1. Straightforward approach to promote your offer.
  2. Little cheaper in comparison with Google Ads
  3. Although it is slightly expensive then Facebook ads but you expect high conversion through solo ads.
  4. You can prepare your own email list using Solo Ads.

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Benefits of Udimi

The best part in UDIMI is that you get the all the details we discussed earlier before you even contact the person. On each profile, you can see there is location as well as positive and negative feedback from previous clients.

You may also check their buying percentage. This give you the idea that how many people who have used the service reported a sale afterward. While this information is not precise, it displays the quality. Ready to find what works for you. Besides, most sellers post extra information on their profile, specifying the niche they operate within and setting some ground rules.

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