PayPal vs Payoneer: which one is better for freelancing?

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Introduction: PayPal vs Payoneer: which one is better for freelancing?


PayPal and Payoneer both are the most powerful electronic payment transfer services in the world. Payoneer is a financial service New York-based company founded in the year 2005. Payoneer mainly deals with online money transfer and digital payment transfer.

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The Payoneer provides facilitating in cross-border Business to business payments. More than 200 countries with more than 150 local currencies across the world use Payoneer in cross-border transactions.

Global player like Google, Amazon and Airbnb use Payoneer as their digital source of payment. Online freelance market place like Fiverr and Upwork also use Payoneer as a payment getaway to pay freelancers. Affiliate marketer and website blogger also use Payoneer method of payment to receive affiliate commission.


PayPal registered as a PayPal Holdings company in California. An American based company good for online transfer, digital payment transfer, checks, and money orders. This financial company established in the year 2008 in San Jose, California. It currently ranked 222nd in the year 2018 by fortune 500 lists. PayPal has been successfully operated in more than 200 markets and has more than 305 active uses.

It is one of the best suitable sources of payment for online freelancers. Various companies like Upwork, Fiverr, and PayPal use PayPal as a primary source of payment. This discussion is not limited to only PayPal Vs Payoneer only.

PayPal Vs Payoneer: How much they charge?

Both payment gateways are excellent to use but they are not free to use. PayPal charges higher than those of Payoneer charges.

Commission Charge

Suppose if you are transferring $100 money from the PayPal account then you must have to pay $5 commission for the transactions to PayPal. But in the case of Payoneer nothing to pay as a commission for the transactions.

Additional charges

PayPal also charges additional surcharge and currency conversion fees but you don’t find such kind of charges in Payoneer.


  • PayPal need minimum of 3 working days to transfer your wallet income to your bank. Payoneer is superfast method of transfer and you can expect income in your bank within 24hours from the request.

Currency Conversion

The best part of Payoneer is that it doesn’t charges any currency conversion and additional surcharge fee and it simply convert your currency in your local currency and then transfer to your bank account.  The Payoneer charge transaction fees of $2.99 for a local bank transfer and $15 for a USD SWIFT transfer. Payoneer charges fees of $4 or 1% of the overall amount for transfers in USD and EUR, but it should be less than $10.

Personally I am using both platform for my online freelancing. In Fiverr, I uses Payoneer and in freelancer I used PayPal to transfer fund from website wallet to your account.

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Easy to Use

Both are super easy to use and their apps are also avaible in windows and IPhone. Payoneer has maximum withdrawal limit and it should not have more than $9500 in a day. In PayPal there is no limit and you can withdraw any income by sending manual request.

Safety Concern

Both company claim high safety of money and security of data all across the globe. Your personal and professional data is also safe and secure. In my personal opinion, I love to have an account on both platforms but if you are a new freelancer and want to save your lots of commission then Payoneer is right choice for you. you need to be very selective while choosing PayPal vs Payoneer for your freelancing career.

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