How to Select an Academic Research project in Mechanical Engineering?

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Mechanical Engineering is one of the vast fields of engineering. There are various domains in mechanical engineering like production, quality, thermodynamics, material science, design, material testing, manufacturing process, and fluid mechanics, etc. Final project selection should base on your area of interest. It is always advisable to do a project in the latest domain and emerging technologies. Hence, If you are pursuing a mechanical engineer degree then you may choose below domains for your academic research and final year projects.

Hence, academic research project plays an important role in entire academics.

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1.  Fabrication related to Academic Research Projects

Still, Fabrication related projects are the students’ favorite. This is due to because; students are not much to do with this.

Hence Indian students are still opting millions of millions of fabrication projects in their academics. However, if you compare with the UK & USA universities only 10%-20% opting these projects in their academics.  Fabrication projects are still trending in most of the universities in the world. For example

a)  Design and fabrication of worm Gear reducer.

b)    Design and Fabrication of Piston Operated Water Pump

c)    Design of basic model of semi-automatic dish washer machine

2.  Industrial Design

Industrial design is another segment where you can find a suitable topic for your final year project.

It further requires both designs as well as fabrication. Here the ratio is 20:80, which means you need to do 20% design-related work, and rest 80% is carried with fabrication work. Again, this is very trending in most of the Indian engineering universities and colleges.

Industrial Design

For example

A) Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Forging Machine

B) Design and Fabrication of Injection Molding Machine

C) Design and Fabrication of Four Way Hacksaw

3.  CAD Technology

Do you know everyone talking about CAD now? CAD is really one of the most emerging technology in the world in the modern world. Everyone has witnessed the power of CAD and its presence in the real world. CAD stands for Computer aided design and European students do many academic projects every year in the field of CAD. For example

A) Design and Analysis of Snap Fit Joints-

B) Design and Analysis of Automated Truck Cabin Suspension System

C) Design and analysis of Industrial Crane Hook-

4.  CAE and Simulation

Without Simulation how you can judge the performance of the components. CAE Stands for Computer aided engineering, which including prototype testing with various boundary conditions. CAE is very important in the modern world to check the performance of the real time products in the software. Most of the time students prepare design and run the simulation in the CAE packages like Ansys to check the various parameters like material strength, durability and performance optimization.

For Example

1.    Design and Analysis of IC Engine Components  Using Ansys workbench

2.    Dynamic Stress Analysis of a Two-stage Compressor Crankshaft

3.    Design and Analysis of Industrial Ball Valve using CFD

5.  3D Printing

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a CAD file. You will achieve a 3d printed objects using additive processes.

You may further integrate your CAD and CAE skills with 3d printing technology.

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Since 3D printing is the opposite of subtractive manufacturing, which includes cutting, piercing, knurling etc.

Hence, the cost of prototype manufacturing is lower than conventional types of machining.

3D printing enables you to produce complex shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods. For Example

a)  Design, analysis and print commercial drone using 3D printing technology.

b)  Design and manufacturing of COVID face masks using 3D Printing.

c)  3d printing of projector to capture images.

6.  Product Design

Product design includes brainstorming that describes the process of planning, creating, and iterating products design and manufacturing that solve mass user problems and satisfy the specific needs of the market.

If your project is cool, then you might have a chance to get funding for your final year project

and after the successful completion you may expect a good job in the MNC firm.

Your product design should be outstanding so that it provides a solution to the end-user customer, the consumer for whom the product created.

a)  Product Design of Multifunctional holders

b)  Pet waste treatment system

c)  Portable Coffee Machine

7.  AI & Robotics

This is one of the emerging fields which has maximum potential in the modern world. Robotics is a part of Mechanical engineering, which allows creating and building robots to do meaning full tasks under a set of instructions.

It integrates with Computer programming and in this domain, students generally covered everything like design, simulate manufacturing, and automation. For example

a)   Design and Fabrication of Semi-Automatic Printing machine

b)   Automatic Spiral Punching Machine -Mechanical Project

c)   Automatic Temperature Controller With Cooling System

8.  Computational Mechanics

Whenever different forces act upon a machine component or structures it responds in a certain way. That can be measured-using Ansys but this computational mechanics and results can  interpret and compare using analytical methods…

Computational Mechanics is a part of Mechanical engineering, which deals with both mathematical modeling, and numerical simulation of solid using Ansys and MatLab. These are highly advanced technology in the world.

For example

1.  The Finite Element Model Study of the Pre-Twisted Timoshenko Beam

2.  The Finite Element Model Study of the Pre-Twisted Euler Beam

3.  Effect of High Pressure on Dynamic Compressive Strength of A95 Alumina Ceramics

9.  Production Technology

Production related projects are considered as conventional type of projects and they were trending from the last hundred years because it is very easy to do with.

As my personal recommendation, please avoid choosing a production-based project,

because it needs lots of investment and effort to complete the project. For example

1.    Design and Fabrication Of Mini Hydraulic Press Machine

2.  Fabrication Of Pedal Powered Dual Chain Hacksaw Machine

3.    Design and Fabrication Of Pneumatic Forging Machine

10. Automotive Components Design and Testing.

The world is making so much noise in the automotive industry. This is because this sector has huge potential with more than 100 million jobs inside.

Still, a lot to come from this sector especially in the field electric, solar and other means of energy source to run the automobile. Highly recommended area of research from most of the worldwide researchers. For Example

1.    -Design and Analysis of Truck Chassis

2.    -CFD Analysis of Supersonic Exhaust in a Scramjet Engine

3.    Design, Comparison and Analysis of a Composite Drive Shaft for an Automobile


Hence, the selection of final year academic project is very much important for every student.

Hence you need to very careful

while selecting the right academic research project for your academics.

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