Honest Clickbank Review: You must need to Know

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What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is one of the oldest affiliate network program founded by Tim and Eileen Barber in the United States. Clickbank Review: offers a wide range of digital products and services to consumers. These products are digitally promoted by affiliate marketers through their blogs and website. 


Clickbank pays a certain commission to the affiliate marketer in the return of product sales.

Clickbank claims around 1,500,000 active affiliate marketers across the world. Clickbank offers more than 40,000 digital products to affiliate marketers to sell online.

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One of the oldest Affiliate Network

Again both data is huge and it’s very difficult to believe. I closely explore the whole website but 40,000 digital product database is difficult to digest.

Initially, I have good impression about ClickBank but I was wrong that time. My first impression to ClickBank is Clickbank offers wide range of products in various segment likewise Health & Fitness, E-business, Green products, Games, education etc.

Most of the products offer a flat 50% commission to the affiliate on each sale. But do you think all products are genuine and well promising to the customer’s need? Of course Not.

Health & Fitness Niche

I saw one product on Clickbank which belongs in health and fitness niche. This product name is flat belly Fix. Flat belly fix product claim 21 days to fix the belly. I saw someone review in which user claim that they reduce up to 23 lbs. within 21 days after the use of this product even without exercise and yoga.

Do you think this is feasible? I don’t think so. It can be possible over time but not possible within 21 days as ClickBank claim. Clickbank review is very much important to understand before promoting any digital product.

Another products is called paid social media jobs. This product offers provide some tricks to make money online from social media jobs.

This can be possible but again when I saw a review of this product over google then surprise to see that most of the users provided negative feedback about this product. Product sale page claim that a single mom can make $700 per week while working on social media jobs. Again this is over-promising.

No doubt ClickBank is one the oldest affiliate network in the world but most of the products are over promising. As a customer point of view they are not as genuine as they represent.

Delay payment to their affiliates

Another issue of ClickBank is its delay payment to their affiliates. Most of the time affiliate get their paychecks after the period of 45-60 days. This is again frustrating for the affiliates.

 I personally research most of the ClickBank products on Google. And surprised to see that out of three products one is fake and look like scam. You may find most of the youtubers promoting ClickBank products again and again. Is this not a scam?

Their eye catching headlines make us to think and promote ClickBank products to make extra money from regular job.

Is the product is Genuine ?

But if the product is not genuine then what is the meaning of its promotion and make money off it. Do you think affiliates making money from selling these products? Yes, I suppose but how much I can’t say.

It is not true that all products of Clickbank is scam. But in my point view may be these products are over promising to the customers. Affiliates are making money its true. I know few of affiliates making more than $ 1000 / month.

I also know few of youtubers claim that they are making more then $1000/ day. If they are making such kind of huge amount than why spending time for creating YouTube and all that.

Bloggers get trapped with these products and initially they start promoting these offers via their website. But as soon as they spend six months and not getting any productive results then they get frustrated.

Trial Products : Clickbank Review

One another bad about ClickBank is that most of the products offers 7 days trial to use but for this you need to put your credit card details. As soon as your credit card details saved in their data base then you can’t remove it easily. After 7 days trail it will automatically subscribe to monthly fee. This is really scam.

There is mixed review about Clickbank and ClickBank products over the internet. But majority of the people is not good about Clickbank. Maybe few affiliates making decent money by selling these products repeatedly but overall these network look scamming.

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One of my friend ordered a $10 eBook from ClickBank. Then they on a “subscription” to some sort of “survival academy” for $21.25 a month.

A honest Case Study

My friend never received anything and any idea what kind of subscription they on. He finally saw it on his credit card bill after six monthly charges.

They swore that they sent him monthly emails stating that he could cancel. However, my friend never got those emails. They now say they canceled the “subscription” but they can only refund three of the monthly charges. Beware of such fraud products.

Although click-bank is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world but thinks twice to promote any product. This blog is all about the honest Clickbank review.

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