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Freelancing Soft-skills Techniques To Improve Freelancing Earning

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Freelancing Soft-Skills key for success

“Information & technology is spreading throughout the world, but where are the skilled full guys?

Why skills are important? Since work from home is growing day by day in the world, so even for online freelancing you need to have outstanding freelancing soft-skills to make the journey successful.

In current scenario everyone witnessed with the power of technology & skills. Then why large houses faces the issue of hiring skilled manpower. Why fresh graduates not meeting the requirement of the corporate houses. We witness all round development in every sector from past two decades.

New channels are providing the space of discussion and debate to understand the power of Media.

Mobile phones are replaced by smartphones. The mouse can be regarded as the replacement of Pen and paper. Documents are no more used to be printed and saved in the hard drives. Everyone knows the power of social media but still why most unemployed people are from India only.

Power of Technology:

According to the recent data published in the year 2018, India has home of more than 30 million jobless people. India is the land of largest producer of Engineers in the world after china. More than 1.5 million students secure engineering degree every year in India but only 20% secure full time job after completion of the degree. Where the issue and what is the correct remedy for that.

If we are talking about technical graduates passing everyone from the country like India then it may be countless. But if we find skillful manpower then reality is not better then worst. Finished graduate have good number in their grades but fails to satisfy the need of Employer.

Demand and supply always play an important role in every sector. In industry there is also huge gap between demand and supply but this gap can be fill if you have skilled knowledge.

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I don’t understand why most of the Indian engineering students think that engineering degree is sufficient to secure a job? Every year around 1.5 million secure technical degree across the various parts of India but do you think all will get placed due to because of they have degree. Absolutely not because they don’t enhance their skills with shoulder to shoulder with the technology.

India is the largest number of smartphone users in the world. According the recent study from Aspiring Minds it is found that only 4.8% of engineers could write correct logic and less than 1.4% could write correct code.

What to do after Engineering degree?

When I passed my graduation degree I had two questions in my mind. Whether I am ready for job if yes then which sector I use to pick to make career. I picked to choose work rather over study. But my first priority is to study but due to financial problem I am unable to do so.

After engineering degree I don’t understand why many of the candidates went to bank sector jobs and other medium level state and central government job preparation. In India engineering degree can be obtained primary for two reasons.

Degree by choice or Degree by Wish. Around 30% passed mechanical engineers fails to even read to basic engineering drawing. Now imagine where we are going and what is the benefit of such degree in your personality?

If you pick the option for higher studies then it will be fine. But again in terms of research scholars and doctorate students, our numbers are not so promising. If you are really interested to break the ice and book your spot in the multinational company then you need to improve your freelancing soft-skills. These skills can be as follows.

  1. Mechanical & Automobile Engineering

AutoCAD, Creo, CATIA, SolidWorks and Ansys.

  • Civil & Structure Engineering

AutoCAD, Revit, Staadpro, Estimation Pro and Primavera

  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering

PLC, SCADA, Robotics, PCB design, MatLab & Artificial Intelligence


Website Design, content writing, digital marketing & social media.

  • Interior Designer & Architecture

AutoCAD, 3DS MAX, Rendering & Photoshop

  • Computer Science Engineering

PHP, .NET, Wireframe, JAVA & C/C++

The benefit of learning these Freelancing soft-skills:

  1. You have the power of knowledge and skills. You never have a fear for bread & butter.
  2. If you are skillful then no matter whether you get placed or not but you can make your own way.
  3. Money is not all about but job satisfaction is very much important. Since you have skills then you can search related to your satisfaction.
  4. Your degree is nothing just a gateway to enter in an industrial world. If you want to recognize yourself out of crowd then need to learn modern technologies associated to your degree.
  5. Success is not all about getting any job which pays you lot but it should have to give you the opportunity to do something new and innovative.

During 1980’s we have limited access of media, telecom and technology. But our present is shining. Internet surfing is the need of every household. India will only be super power if our technocrats will be technical upgraded with the latest skills & knowledge.

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Fresh manpower should be ready to accept the challenge in the field of technology. Expectation from the India is very high and it will be only possible when we more emphasis in research & skilled based learning.

My Journey in Online Freelancing:

I started my journey in the year 2013. Previously I just heard about something about freelancing from friends. That time I didn’t believe such kinds of possibilities of online earning from the Internet. Later in the year 2014. I again in touch with my one of an old friend (who completed Graduation in Computer Science from IIT, Chennai). He motivated me to start freelancing on various websites like Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork.

I have good skills of

  1. Content writing
  2. 3d modeling using Creo parametric
  3. Simulation using Ansys
  4. People speaking and organize motivational seminar
  5. Trainer cum designer.

That makes me a great impact on me. That time I was working in Pune (As a Mechanical Design Engineer). I am also looking for some sort of change in my life. My technical skills are Ansys and Creo parametric. I have already provided the seminar in more than 60+ technical organizations such as engineering Universities & colleges in India. Hence, Freelancing Soft-Skill is the key to success.

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