Everything Need To Know About Is Freelancing Is A Seasonal Business?

Freelancing is a smart way to make money online but is it a seasonal business affair or long-term opportunities for freelancers to make money.

Freelancers always blaming that they are not earning sufficient money from online freelancing.

I do not find such difficulty making money from freelancing. Although every business has some ups and downs hence freelancing is also not keeping untouched from this fact.

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Personally, I do not think so, that freelancing has limited opportunities for freelancers. Yes it is limited if you have limited skills and expertise to sell. Solo freelancers or new babies feel difficulties to make consistent money from freelancing due to because of following:

  • He or she has limited skills to offer.
  • He fails to learn new technology and skills to expand his boundary of learning and earning.
  • Never upgrade gigs and proposal time to time.
  • Freelancers fails to upgrade their portfolios.

Subcontractors or Consultant making lots of money from these freelancing websites only from managing the team and the project requirement.

These consultants are very smart to make millions of dollars per year from freelancing. This is due to because

  • Wide range of skills and services to offer.
  • keep hiring sub-contractors to ease the pressure of the project and its deadline.
  • ¬†They are only responsible for managing the client and the freelancer on a particular project.
  • They keep learning new technologies and skills, which helps their business to grow rapidly.

Again why most of freelancers blame that freelancing is seasonal business. You can say that in some extent.

I joined online freelancing in the year 2015 as a part-time and left my full-time job within one year of freelancing.  I also face such issues during my initial days.


Peak month start from March and ends by Sept. Again, it depends upon skills, which you are offering. You will never find any off-season in content writing and website design industries.

In every one minute, more than five projects come and out of five project, three are from content writing and website design background. Now understand how powerful content writing work is in freelancing.

So you will never feel any off the month in content writing, website design, and digital marketing related jobs in freelancing.

OFF Month

Most of the clients are from United States and European region, therefore from the period of December to mid of February is generally consider as off month in online freelancing.

This is due to because of various festivals that happened in that period. For example, Christmas and New Year celebration falls under this period. Freelancing will reach its pace by the end of February or at the beginning of March.


There is no such declared peak and off month of working on freelancing. However, if you have limited skills to offer than yes you have limitations to work.

Initially, I offer only industrial and product designer services only therefore I feel difficulty earning. Soon I explore a lot of other skills like website design, content writing & SEO, and digital marketing to make more earning opportunities.

I know a few freelancers who are making more than $2000 per month from freelancing only.

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