Eleven Lessons I’ve Learned From Blogging Mistakes

[su_heading size=”15″ margin=”30″]Eleven Lessons I’ve Learned From Blogging Mistakes[/su_heading]

1. Niche Selection

Do you think it’s feasible to work as a banker if you are having architectural design experience? Of course not. Hence be specific about your niche. Most of the fresh blogger fails to select the right niche for blogging due to because they simply do Copywrite. In this blog, I covered eleven blogging mistakes that new bloggers must know before starting blogging.

This is not the actual blogging passion that connects his skills and knowledge. Blogging is a skill where someone shares his personal knowledge and experience in the form of solutions to others.

Rather writing on various subjects be a focus on your niche and if you are focusing micro niche blogging website then it will be great. Micro niche websites are easy to rank on google. New Blogger Must know about eleven hacks about blogging mistakes.

2. Domain & hosting

You are not tech-savvy. Hence be careful to select the right domain and hosting plans. Nobody likes to stay in slow websites. Domain should be unique and hosting should have lightning speed. If you have good tools and unique content style then nobody stops you to rank your website in google.

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3. Keyword research

Now this is really a technical term but not hard to understand. Keyword research is a method where experienced blogger find potential keywords which have high volume of search in the google but less competitive to rank in the google.

After niche selection, you must be clear from your mind that on which keywords you are going to write blogs. So for this, you need to do keyword research from various tools available in the market free and paid both. Right keyword research can make you comfortable to rank your blog in google. if you are not specific about your keyword then it one of the biggest blogging mistakes in your entire journey.

4. Size of content

If you content is really cool and unique then no matter the size of the content. Size of the content depends on the competitiveness of the keyword too. If you have very competitive keyword and various blogger already published long content in the google then you have to also write very long content. Ideal size of the content is normally between 1200-1500 words. One may can rank his blog even if the size of the content is 500 words if he is having micro niche website.

5. Consistence  approach of writing

Be consistence to writing. Your writing pace should be steady and regular. Never start blogging if are looking for quick money. Blogging is a passion and which can’t be estimate by money. During initial days of writing fresh bloggers simply re-write the content from somewhere and want to publish in the google. Since they started so they must to carry at least for few months and if they earn earning then continue otherwise fly somewhere else. Serious and professional blogging keep writing and writing because they are writing because they have passion for writing.

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6. Quality of writing

If you are non-native blogger then don’t feel ashamed if your English is not as like oxford standards. Your blog should be more interactive rather instructive. It doesn’t matter how good you are in English if you content is engaging and informative. Out of 7.5 billon world population only 1.5 billon are English speaker in the world. It means that non-native writer can’t do blogging. Off course not. Quality depends upon your depth knowledge of the subject and the value which you want add to into someone.

7. Specific about your audience

Be specific about your audience. If your niche is selective then your audience should also be specific and promising. Never target general audience because they may like your blog but they can’t get value from your blog. Specific target can be your online follower and you can sale or promote some digital products in front of them after sometime. General audience are not targeted.

8. Create Backlinks

It really hard to create quality backlinks for your blog and website. This is only because you don’t upgraded your other skills apart from writing. Apart from writing you must should have some Search engine optimization skills. Always be ready for enhancement of skills because now you are into digital word. Backlinks are the links which you obtained from high authority websites to improve your overall ranking and domain authority of the website.

9. Video content

Everyone witnessed the power of YouTube in Ultra-modern world. But it doesn’t mean that blogging era is ended now. Blogging and video both are co-related to each other. For example if someone searches the rule of football then he or she  simply read the rules from the google and for better understanding he love to watch football live streaming videos. Hence both are related to each other. Blogging never ends. Vlogging can be the second stage of the blogging. So keep writing and keep creating videos to provide content to others.

10. Value content

Value is the only reason which connects you to your audience. So keep fresh your content. There are various available tools which helps you to check the uniqueness of the blog. You may try them.

11. Create you social presence

Writing is not enough. Keep writing and keep promoting on social media platforms to help others. People will only come to your website if they know you. Increase your website traffics via sharing various online social media platforms and forums. People will visit the website and they will stay longer if your content is valuable for him.

if you are seriously thinking to be a part of the blogging world then you must know the above blogging mistakes which most of the new bloggers generally do.

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