Bulletproof Security Plugins For Various Threats And Vulnerabilities

[su_heading size=”15″ margin=”30″]Bulletproof Security Plugins For Various Threats And Vulnerabilities[/su_heading]

If you are frustrated with the recent cyber-attack on your website, then you need to be more conscious and alert. Although it is the first attack on your website, it can be in regular practice if you not alert and aware. You need to install bulletproof security plugins on your WordPress website.

WordPress is an excellent platform to promote your small business or consultancy businesses on the internet. Still, most WordPress users fail to protect their sites from all kinds of severe cyber-attacks and online threats. In this blog, I am going to write a dedicated blog about how to protect your WordPress Website from various threats.

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Strong password need to use

Most of the users use a password carrying his or her name followed by 3 or 4 digits at the end. It is an illegal practice to set a password. The intensity of cyber-attacks can’t be measured by individual. You may lose your profit-making business with one severe cyber-attack or lose all the client databases within an hour.

Now You understand why it is important to include both upper and lower cases with at least one special symbol to create a strong password. It is also advisable to change your password regularly. If your password is healthy, then I think your 90% tension is over.

WordPress Security Plugins

If you want to secure more from cyber threats, then you can install WordPress Plugins. There are three security plugins used mostly.

1) 6Scan security

It is one of the widely used plugins mainly useful to cure brutal attacks, remote file inclusion, and SQL injection, etc. It is one of the most trusted security plugins.

2) Sucuri Security

It offers malware scanning and site farewell protection. It used for force attacks and DOS attacks etc. you need to install this into your website for overall safety and security of the website.

3) WordFence 

Wordfence comes with a combo bundle in a single plugin which includes protects firewalls, malware protection, malicious blocking, and content protection too. It is one of the most purchased security plugin available in WordPress. It can block malicious IPs. Also, you need to keep updating your WordPress themes, plugins and software from time to time.

Importance of File Permission

WordPress consists of several files which include media files, plugins files, and design files, etc. It needs to have special permission to open it. The user needs to ensure the safety of these files.

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WordPress files need to have the following permissions:

• Read: It only allows view specific files and their related content. Readers can be your first-time site visitors or regular subscribers.

• Write: It only allows to modify particular data according to individual requirement. The Owner of the website and his team members are allowed to edit the files.

• Execute: It only provides access to run scripts and related files of the website.

These permissions can be granted to own team members to provide regular updates. I hope the above list of bulletproof security plugins will help you to protect your WordPress website from cyber-attacks and threats.

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