#7 Online Freelancing Mistakes for Beginners

[su_heading size=”15″ margin=”30″]# 7 Online freelancing mistakes for beginners[/su_heading]

Initially, Most of the freelancers did various mistakes that badly impact their initial freelancing Journey. Freelancing for beginners is not so tough to get orders but you need to avoid following mistakes.

1. How to Create a Profile (Freelancing for Beginners)

When I started online work, I did not know much about the importance of profile creation. Never create profile with false details and least information. Freelancing websites need the complete details of your KYC and time to time, you have been asked to submit the updated details. Most of fresh freelancers registered by simple email confirmation method and they think that this is enough to start online work.

Apart from your KYC details, you also need to provide the details of social media accounts. It will help you to create trust in front recruiter. Your decent profile photo should be included in the profile. When someone searches your freelancing profile, he or she must should consider you are for his or her projects.  Another aspect is that you must have mentioned all the professional credentials details in your profile. It will help your account visibility and trust in front of recruiter. Credential includes your professional degree, skill certification and previous employer details.

Freelancing for beginners is not always very difficult to get order if you truly smart and active.

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2. Bid niche

Never do random bidding. Bid based on your skills and knowledge. There are more than 300+ professional skills to sell on these freelancing websites. Bid is very important to grab the project and it is initial conversation with your potential client. New babies eagerly waiting to grab the projects and do bidding in non-relevant skills and projects. One most important thing is that, without having professional business proposal never do bidding. When I started my journey, I took one month to prepare business proposal and portfolio and there after I started bidding.

In very first month

I spend time in learning working process of these websites.

Portfolio and proposal creation

Project study

Identify personal skill set. 

Freelancing exams and certification.

3. Portfolio

          Portfolio is the language between client and freelancer. If your portfolio is related to client’s requirement then your chances of winning the project is high. Better prepare niche and skills based portfolio. For example

If you an industrial designer and want to grab projects on 3d modeling then you must have an industrial designer portfolio. This is called the Skillset portfolio. But if you are an expert in designing Gym Equipment, Toys, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets then this can be your niche and this is called Niche portfolio. Better ready with both kinds of portfolios and identify the list of an industrial niche in which you are capable to design.

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4. Proposal

I have already write one dedicated blog on how to write stunning business proposal for online freelancing. So you can go with that. Proposal should be straight forward and relevant to the requirement. Your proposal should not be less than 200 words and it must include your professional skills, project expertise and value for money to the client. In guru business proposals also consider as a work contract between freelancers and clients.

5. Dispute

In simple words whenever you have come across the dispute, return the funds to escrow and be polite till the project end. Your professional behavior is very much important to deal with the clients and no matter how client is bad with you but never lose your patience. If you really work hard on a project than you can ask some sort of partial payment from the client. And if still client is not ready to pay anything than file dispute against him and show your proof of work during the dispute.

6.Value-added services

Everyone is interested to grab value-added services if they are paying for something. Like the same here too you need to attract potential clients by offering value-added services. Value-added services could be chargeable. For example, if you are a website designer and you have additional service of logo design then this service can be work as a value-added service to your profile. In another example, if you are a content writer and having additional knowledge of SEO then this will be great for you.

7.Patience & value services

There is no magic in getting online orders. Keep working and learning to explore new opportunities for freelancing for beginners. Do not give up easily and work hard. Work in the silence and let your success be your noise. Patience is the key the success.

I hope this entire blog post will help to freelance for beginners to new freelancers to get maximum orders.

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