7 Best Free WordPress Plugins That Make Your Website Faster

[su_heading size=”15″ margin=”30″]7 Best Free WordPress Plugins That Make Your Website Faster[/su_heading]

People often complain that their website is not loading fast on Google. As a developer, you want your website to open quick when someone searches from Google. If you are selling something online and your site is slow to appear, then you may lose potential business. Even as an online audience, you also not like to open a slow website. Here is the list of Free WordPress plugins you must need to have in your WordPress website.

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Although free WordPress plugins run with PHP/MySQL in its backend, which makes the website a little slow usually. But you can sort out this problem by installing plenty of WordPress plugins. You don’t need to connect all of them. Few are sufficient to run your website faster.

Fastest Cache

It is a free WordPress plugin that offers some exciting features. It is one of the quickest plugin supported by Dev Team to remove cache files from the website.

Super Cache

If you are running small content sites, then I think the super cache is the best available free WordPress plugin for you. If you are working with e-commerce websites, then you need to install Fastest Cache but if your running a personal blogging website then this plugin will sort out all your problems by removing cache files from memory and make the site faster.


If your website struggles with page loading speed issues, then the Lazy load is useful for you. It merely improves the overall speed of your site as well as other pages of the website. If you have a blog post about having more than 30-40 images, then this plugin reduces the overall size of the photos without hampering the quality of images. Lazy Load and Short Pixel are having the same kind of functions as SmushIT. 

TinyPNG compression

From the first impression, you may find TinyPNG has functionality like SmushIT. But TinyPNG used to reduce the size of PNG and GIF files of the website. It has over 2,000 reviews with a 5-star rating. It means people like to use this plugin.


Autoptimise is also one of the best plugin use to improve the overall pace of the website. It optimizes your page code, thereby reducing HTML and CSS files. This plugin used in front-end activities on the site. The overall intention of this plugin is to improve website quality without sacrificing the theme of the site.

GZIP Compression

If your website opening website is low and takes lots of time to reload the page, then you can look for the GZIP compression plugin. It is a free plugin which mainly works to compress the HTTP request through the browser. In this way, you can also boost up the initial speed of the website. Speed Booster Pack is another free WordPress plugin similar to GZIP, but I never use it personally but hear lots about it.

Limit Login

If you want to protect your WordPress login page, this free WordPress plugin will be helpful for you. It will not change your login page as like WPS hide login, but you can set the limit of the total number of attempts to log in your page.

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