#11 Ways To do SEO for your portfolio Website Effectively.

[su_heading size=”15″ margin=”30″]#11 Ways To do SEO for your portfolio Website Effectively.

Portfolio websites are widely used in the new world to sell your services and products.  If you are a professional product or graphic designer and looking for creating a Portfolio website, then you must first understand these basic concepts.

Nowadays, Digital Marketing plays an essential role in promoting your business locally and globally. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial tool were being the CEO of a company; you can help your business locally and internationally. 

SEO is a method of or tactics which perform a series of strategies on the portfolio website by the Owner of the website by improving the website search engine ranking and traffic. The ideal site should have had an opening time of fewer than three seconds. Then it will be excellent. It mainly shows two kinds of results organic and paid effects.

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In the modern world for online marketing, one of the leading marketing strategies is to attract online customers is through search engine optimization. Website owners create a successful website for their business and perform long-tail search engine optimization (SEO tools). Search engine optimization is a long-term process to get results.

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What is the need for (search Engine Optimization)?

The search engine process allows lots of change from time to time because the market is very competitive, and customers are also astute. We need to keep updated daily with best practices and try to attract maximum traffic on our website. With time as the Web evolves, so online retailers need to grow with the engines. One needs to must have made sure to keep things updating time to time best practices to get the best possible rankings on Google and other search engines for related keywords.

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What is SEO, and how to use it? 

SEO stands for search engine optimization (SEO). SEO mainly earns traffic through search engines likes Google, Bing, and any other similar kind of platform.

Organic traffic is very much essential to flourish your business, and those are mainly your potential clients. 

SEO tactics require sufficient time and improvement in the regular rearrangement of your website to become successful. Unfortunately, it is not a cup of tea to make, and several hours need to work to drive traffics on sites. 

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The followings are the best strategy to Create a Portfolio Website.

A great and simple website

For any business house first and for the most thing is to create a very responsive website. It should look beautiful to the eyes of online customers. The excellent and friendly content tone is the ladder of success. Related keywords much use in website content too so that anyone can visit the website while searching on particular keywords on google. There are various methods to create a very user-friendly website for online customers. Contents on the website should be in a friendly and engaging tone.

Identify Your Targeted Audience & Their Interested topics

The first step in SEO is to identify your potential customers and their exciting subjects. You cannot work on several niches at the same time. You much identify your customers and niche on which you are targeting. A niche can be of any type, starting from stock market investment topics to pet selling related topics. Initially, you need to define your goal of creating a website. You are looking for selling off some niche products or some particular services on sites. 

1. The Good User-Friendly website

The portfolio website must be relevant to your services and products. SEO optimization and keywords should also be similar to your niche. The portfolio website is straightforward and Seo user-friendly.

  2. Business Related Keywords.

Keywords are nothing just a key associated with your business when someone searches your website online. You need to prepare lists of keywords that will help to show your site when someone searches your website from those related keywords. With the help of these keywords, customers will discover your website and services locally globally on the internet.

These keywords help you to drive the target audience and customers towards your website and allow them to understand your business, products, and services. Now time do some do brainstorming about your business-related potential keywords, and see them through Google AdWords how the competition is going on. Few keywords are too competitive then go with long-tail keywords, which help you to get online rank easier. You can plan your keywords from Google AdWords key planner or similar kinds of available platforms on the internet.

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Design your website this way, have several benefits: 

• It is always advisable to use multiple keywords on each page on the site instead of using all keywords on the home page of the website. 

• Each category can be further broken down into several additional subcategories.

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3) Keyword Research

Keyword research plays a vital role to rank your website in search engines. If you are working on the niche of make money online, then probably your keywords are Making money online, passive income, earn online and work from home, etc.

It is tough to rank your website on competitive keywords rather than low keywords. To rank your keywords, you need to have high domain authority and back-links. There are two types of back-links: Do follow and no follow back-links. Both are equally important for SEO. Here is the list of finding keywords for your website.

1) Keyword Planner(Free tool )

2) Semrush

3) Ahrefs Tool

4) Perform Meta tags. 

These are particular types of tags are types of text which define a content. There are never appear on the page but used for coding of the page. These tags come from blog culture and, however, more or less the same thing as the headline of any blog and content. It tells customers through search engine optimization website and its descriptions. 

These are essential elements of Search engine optimization when we are talking about its promotion on Google correctly. 

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These tags play a vital role in SEO. If anyone searches any keyword into a search engine through Google, then he will see how the keyword reflects on the title page. 

What are h1, h2, and h3 header tags?

The h1 tag should have your targeted keywords that must close to the page title and are relevant to your content. The h2 tag is a subheading and also contain similar keywords to your h1 tag. Your h3 is then a subheading for your h2 and so on. Think of them as a hierarchy based on importance, the above being more critical than the below. Google crawlers will identify your content and keywords with the help of these headers.

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5) Content writing.

Content is the real king of the website. Content should be user-friendly and written in terms of understanding when someone reads on the site. It should be written in an innovative and creative style to attract and engage online users or bloggers. It is the best way to rank any website not only from keywords but also from positive reviews and feedback about the products and services on the site. The ultimate goal is to generate traffic and sales and content perform best in this. Targeted content or blog can be used for selling affiliate products, and any consultancy and service-related business promotions.

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6) Provide Back-links.

We know content is king; then back-links are queen. These links should summit regularly on the website to attract numbers of bloggers. Back-links can be newsworthy, press release contents, product information like launching, and real-time customer experience. You can collect back-links from the following three methods. If you get back-links from any government organization, then your website domain authority increases rapidly. Imagine if you get do-follow back-links from the Wall Street Journal website, suddenly you able to find several unique visitors to your site.

1) Website 2.0 Submission

Here is a list of some web 2.0 platforms that can be used to create back-links:

· WordPress.com

· Blogspot.com

· Tumblr.com

· Blogger.com

· LiveJournal.com

· Jimdo.com

· Weebly.com

· Wix.com

· web.com

· xing.com and webs.com

2) Commenting

Commenting on various high ranked website blogs can be another method to get do-follow back-links. But Keep in mind, don’t put a comment like spam. It is not necessary to comment on every random blog. If there is provision to comment, then put a comment in a genuine way to get back-links.

3) Guest posting 

Guest blog posting is another powerful method to get back-links. Here is the list of some of the best guest blogging sites for bloggers:

· Copy blogger

· Social Media Examiner

· Business Insider

· Design Milk

· Inc.com

· The Drive

· Smashing Magazine

· TechCrunch.

7) Tool for success: Social media

Your website should show a strong presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, etc. social media is a platform where you catch customers and visitors on a large scale. 

Facebook: General 

LinkedIn: Job and skills related blog can be promoted here.

Pinterest: Hobby, passion and personal interest.

Quora: Q/A based blogs can be published here.

Instagram: Fashion and trending topics.

Twitter: Press release blogs

Reddit: Q/A based blogs can be published here

Tumblr: Blogging website

8) Ideal Product images.

Your services can connect with your users only through images. You have to updates your website regularly through pictures and videos. It should have to meet the best quality and eye-catching appeal to visitors. Most of the time, visitors also search for particular products through pictures, and preference always goes to beautiful and eye-catching images of specific websites.

So ideal and attractive product images are a part of the Search engine optimization strategy, which drives quality traffics on sites. The size of images used in the website should not be more than 300 KB. Better it uses JPG file format over the PNG file because JPG files are more mobile-friendly. You can use any high-resolution images while posting your blog on social media, but website to rank and open faster, you need to have low-resolution photos. Canva tool can be used to optimize your website images.

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The average loading time is 4.7 seconds. If your page loading time is less than 1.7 seconds, then it is Superfast to open. Here is the list of few websites where you can collect free images for your websites.

· Pixabay

· Unsplash

· Barn Images

· PicJumbo

· SplitShire

· Little Visuals

9) Perform Google search and console

It is another vital tool in Search engine optimization. These perform a diagnose system for Search Engine Optimization. It is a free service provided by Google. It is highly recommended by Search Engine Optimization. It is good to identify problems and provide solutions nicely. We can check the following using Google search and console. 

10) To check duplicate content in the website.

To check indexing issues.

Keep tracking trends for better changes and performances.

Back-link issues.

To do monitoring and maintaining your website.

It tracks negative views and fixes it.

Regular blogging is required.

Most of the time, the e-commerce website owner hires a regular blogger to write blogs and review their products on a long-term basis. These blogs help to engage online customers for a long time, and again, its primary goal of achieving traffic is succeeding. Blogging is a way of communication from customer to business houses.

11) The Competitive analysis

We have to follow above these steps, but besides, we have to analyze our competitor’s website and also see how they are performing search engine optimization on website pages. Ready to do always comparative study analysis of various your competitive sites pages from time to time and social media.

Most of the time, visitors also search for particular products and services so that one may provide some promo code and discount offers to generate good business and attract good traffic on the website. One needs to run analysis time to time about competitive analysis of web pages, useful content posting, searching for new keywords, and searching for original Meta tags.

We have to do lots of stuff to rank our website on Google and social media from time to time. Finally, we may conclude that search engine optimization is a great tool to promote a portfolio website. It will help your business to generate sales in a shorter period locally and globally with an affordable budget. Nowadays, the conventional way of marketing is no more in the picture. It is the modern way of marketing your services and products ineffective way.

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