# 10 ways to Drive Traffic on Your Website

A website is an initial need for any kind of business. It does not matter whether it is online or offline but you need to have your presence on the internet. The website allows you to promote your product and services globally all across the globe. In 2021, people forced to stay at home due to the corona pandemic, and most of the business activities done from home only. This blog is all about #10 ways to drive traffic on your website.

Although website domain & hosting is not a major task to do with. You find millions of websites over the google search engines. Are they active or working well? Of course not. Because the creation of a website is a different thing but driving traffic on the website is another thing.

If you have, something to sell online and looking for a website then first needs to have a website. Secondly, you have a website but do not have quality traffic and audiences over your website then the following are the ten ways to drive traffic on your website.

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1. Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the tried and tested methods of making affiliate sales online. It’s a great way of building up a steady base of recurring affiliate income. Content writing and blogging is also a part of driving potential traffic to your website.

Guest posting is also a kind of article marketing in which your blog get linking from other website and it will help to drive traffic on the website. You can write a question-answer related to your products and services on Quora to drive traffic on your blog or website.

2. Banner Advertising

Banner advertising still working for lot of bloggers and content writers. Some people will try and tell you that banners are ‘old news’ and that they don’t work anymore, however, this is far from true.

If you know what you are doing you can still get really cheap traffic from banner advertising and turn a great profit. Bing and Google ads are known for running high converting banner ads.

Display ads are still popular in 2021 too. Therefore, you can create a banner of your services and products and promote them through paid display ads to get traffic.

3. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most effective ways of building a loyal audience and following online, which is a crucial step on your path to affiliate marketing success. If you are into service business and want to generate potential leads for your business then blogging is best for you.

First, encourage them with valuable blogs and information, and once they follow you and subscribe to your website then start promoting your digital products inform of the audience.

 Blogging is good but you need to have extraordinary patience and passion for writing. If your blogs are on any specific niche then chances of getting traffic are easier than conventional websites.

4. Classified Ads

you might be hear about the websites like craigslist. You can put your services in classified column and run Classified ads. Classified ads can be a great way of getting an instant boost of traffic to your affiliate links for testing an offer.

If done well they can also become a sustainable source of income for you. Before running classified ads be aware that classified Ads are not suitable for all affiliate and CPA offers. You might know Craigslist, quikrr, olx etc. These are best to publish classified ads.

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5. Forum Marketing

There are lots of online forum where you can put your questions and provide answers to others. For example, Yahoo answers and Quora are best among them. Internet forums gather highly targeted groups of people who are all interested in a clearly defined topic.

If approached the right way, marketing to online forums can gain you a lot of valuable affiliate traffic. This traffic not only helps you to get valuable traffic on your blog but also improve the overall ranking of your website in the google.

Blogger also attracts quality traffics from various forums and groups. You might hear about Facebook and LinkedIn Groups. You can publish your website on these groups to get quality traffic.

6. Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential for almost all forms of driving traffic. From SEO to paid advertising and even social media marketing, most forms of driving traffic will be more effective if you have done some good keyword research first. Find some low volume keywords and write long content covering all relevant keywords in the blog.

One day this will help your blog to rank in google. You might get help from free or paid tool for keyword research. For example Semrush, Ashraf’s and Keyword planner, etc.

7. Mobile Marketing

Mobile web traffic is fast becoming one of the biggest and most important sources of traffic for affiliates. Snap chat ads are best for running mobile ads. However, for mobile ads you website should be mobile friendly.

8. Pay per Click

Pay per Click traffic can be a great way of immediately driving traffic to a new offer to get some testing data, however, you need to really know what you are doing and take the necessary steps to ensure that you do not just end up losing a lot of money for nothing.

You might find this option in Facebook, Bing and google ads. There is option called link click which means I want to spend my marketing budget depending on the click which is made on my website.

CPC or pay per click is almost the same. These are also known as search ads. Bing and google ads are the best in the industry.

9. Search Engine Optimization

If you can get it, SEO traffic can be some of the most highly targeted and profitable of all traffic. It is all about building a solid foundation and having a long-term game plan.

You might be heard about the negative keyword research technique to run google ads. SEO plays a vital role in blogging and affiliate marketing. You should also ready with an advance SEO strategy.

10. Social Media

A lot of internet marketers jumped on social media marketing when it first became big, although only a very small percentage were able to make it profitable.

Learn the secrets they have been keeping for themselves so that you can profit as well. You can also run ads not only on Facebook but also on Quora, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.

YouTube is the most powerful in the current era. So you can have your channel to drive traffic on your website.

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