Six Secrets Is Required Before Getting Upwork profile approval

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[su_heading size=”15″ margin=”30″] Six Secrets Is Required Before Getting Upwork profile approval[/su_heading]

Are you frustrating to get approval on Upwork? Upwork is one of the best online marketplace websites to work. Upwork is an online platform where freelancers and clients work together on a particular project — Getting approval as a client or employer is not a big task in Upwork. But register as a freelance is sometimes frustrating.

Do you experience such kind of behavior from Upwork while registering as a new freelancer? If yes, then this article will help you to get Upwork approval by following easy steps. Without approval, you can’t able to do Upwork Jobs.

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# 1 Better to use Professional Email address

If you are having your website and email address, then it is advisable to use the domain-based email address on Upwork. It is not compulsory, but it will help you to get approval. Then you can able to get Upwork Jobs.

# 2 Write a professional job Title

Your job title decides your chances of getting Upwork Jobs on Upwork. It describes your professional skills and experience. Upwork is more emphasis on enrolling skilled people rather than unskilled or freshers. Your professional job title should be clear and straight forward.


# 3 Write a professional outline in your profile

After the job title, now it’s time to describe yourself professionally. Write an expert overview of your experience and skill set summary. It is a kind of a professional proposal when any client visits your profile for a particular job. It should not be too long, but long enough to clearly describe your expertise. This proposal also justifies your presence on Upwork.


# 4 Selection of category

Upwork has a vast area of Work category and skill set. It is challenging to get approval on most common skillsets like Logo Design, content writer, website designer, etc. Upwork allows you to add a minimum of ten categories in your profile. Highly recommended that initially add 2-3 unique skill categories in your profile, and once you get approval, then further to add more skillsets.


#5 Add work Portfolio

A portfolio outlines your experience and expertise in job roles. The portfolio must be related to your skillset. Add an outstanding work portfolio in your account not only help you in Upwork approval but also, as soon as your account gets approved, you may have changed to get projects soon.


# 6 Complete your profile

Most of the time, freelancer without completing profile seeks Upwork approval. In this case, your application gets rejected every time. You must complete your profile before seeking approval.

  • Use your professional close-up photo in your profile.
  • Add your education background and experience summary.
  • Add your certification if you have done it.
  • Rate your skills and experience with the Upwork experience level. It can be Entry-level, Intermediate, and Expert. For Upwork Approval, your experience level should be Expert.
  • Add information about your past employment. 
  • Integrate your account with social Media

Your social media presence can be one the factor for seeking approval. Social Media defines the accountability and credibility of your profile. So better to add all your social media accounts with Upwork. I hope if you follow these above steps, then your Upwork account will be approved.

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Or Else again, your profile will be rejected, then better to bring your clients over Upwork. In this case, Upwork never Rejects your Freelancer profile. I hope this blog helps you to get maximum Upwork jobs at your end.

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