Eight Quick Tips For How Does A Website Design Cost Breakdown?

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[su_heading size=”15″ margin=”30″]Eight Quick Tips For How Does A Website Design Cost Breakdown? [/su_heading]

Are you looking for Website Design services? But why you need this. Everyone needs to promote his services and product on google. No matter how small or a big organization, you are handling, but you need your presence on Google. It is a good idea to have your website to promote your products and services. You may need a new website design service or want to upgrade your existing site with a modern look. In both cases, you need to bear website design costs. One major question in the mind of the website design seeker is its cost.

Website design

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How does a website design cost breakdown it all depends upon your objective and goal? The purpose can anything.

The website design cost includes the following as per your specific requirement. 

1) Domain Name

You need to have a proper domain before the launch of a new website. Price can vary from $10-$25 per year. It is a simple process, and you can do it own.

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2) Hosting 

Hosting depends upon the hosting you choose (free, shared, and dedicated). It again depends upon your requirements. The price of hosting is between the ranges of $50-$100 per year.

3) Design and architecture 

A Website needs to have a beautiful theme and appealing visual design with proper page structure. Although there are so many free themes and templates available on the internet, paid have little advantage over a free one. Website design service varies between 30 hrs to 100 hrs, including the above phases. Designers and developers need to charge $2500-$10000 for this service.

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4) Payment gateway

If you are running any woo-commerce website and need to integrate payment gateway on your site, then your website must contain a shopping cart facility. If you need to integrate paid shopping plugins, then you need to bear an additional cost of $100- $500.

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 5) Regular content creation

Content writing is the smartest way to promote your services and products. It is a long-term engagement, and you need to pay a minimum of $1 per 100 words. Most of the content writers also charge $100-$200 per depends upon your niche.

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6) Final testing & training

Now your website is ready to launch. Here lots of testing work will perform. You can also seek training if you don’t want to hire a permanent developer for regular website updates. In this phase, you need to bear $100-$250.

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7) Integration with social media platforms

You know the power of social media. If your product and service are not getting a promotion over social media, then I think you are missing something. Developer charges $100-$400 to drive your presence over social media.

8) Website regular Management services

If you don’t need to hire one permanent employee to manage your blog post and advertising services (PPC), then you can pick the website management services with a price of $75-$150+/Month.

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