“The Importance of Final Year Projects for the Mechanical Engineers”

The final year project is the compulsory module of the entire engineering. Now you are entering into the final year of your engineering degree, so you need to be very careful while its selection. What is a Final Year Project? If you are not a final year student then you must know what the final […]

How to Select an Academic Research project in Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is one of the vast fields of engineering. There are various domains in mechanical engineering like production, quality, thermodynamics, material science, design, material testing, manufacturing process, and fluid mechanics, etc. Final project selection should base on your area of interest. It is always advisable to do a project in the latest domain and […]

How 7 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Product Design Cycle

What is the Product Design Cycle? Let’s start the discussion with Design first. What is the design and what is the product design cycle? Design is nothing to create something new and innovative. Design word is used in almost every sector. Either you’re a Mechanical designer or you are a software designer your main task […]

Freelancing softskills

Freelancing Soft-skills Techniques To Improve Freelancing Earning

Freelancing Soft-Skills key for success “Information & technology is spreading throughout the world, but where are the skilled full guys? Why skills are important? Since work from home is growing day by day in the world, so even for online freelancing you need to have outstanding freelancing soft-skills to make the journey successful. In current […]

Freelancing Taxes Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. You Need To Know!

Freelancing Taxes Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. You Need To Know!

Tax calculation in India: How Freelancing taxes are calculated in India? When I started online freelancing in the year 2013-2014, I am not much aware of freelancing taxes and its calculation from online freelancing earning. That time I was very new to online freelancing world so I thought when I will get projects and earn […]

#7 Online Freelancing Mistakes for Beginners

Initially, Most of the freelancers did various mistakes that badly impact their initial freelancing Journey. Freelancing for beginners is not so tough to get orders but you need to avoid following mistakes. 1. How to Create a Profile (Freelancing for Beginners) When I started online work, I did not know much about the importance of […]

# 5 Best websites to Make Money Online through valued opinions

There are various methods to make money online. At the beginning of 2020, we are facing global lockdown due to the corona pandemic. People are staying at home to avoid COVID-19. Taking online surveys can be a great way to make money online through valued opinions during these days but not all survey sites are legit. Most […]

The Next Big Thing in How To Select 7 Best Gigs From Sites Like Fiverr

The Next Big Thing in How To Select 7 Best Gigs From Sites Like Fiverr

Fiverr is an online market place where employers find a talented freelancer for their projects. This website is user-friendly for the user. Sites like Fiverr provide skilled freelancer at super low prices, which start at $5. In 2018 Fiverr won the Great User Experience award for the year. I recommend Fiverr for start-up companies where […]

Outsourcing Agency

Here’s What Industry Say About How To Select right Outsourcing Agency

Today, you have an excellent idea to start your startup. And the first essential thing is to understand and remember why do you decide to start? That is means that you need to have a clear representation of the final product. you need to have the right outsourcing agency for your project. You should realize […]

What are the Real Facts About Fiverr Vs Freelancer.com?

Both Platforms are good anyway! Conclusion(Fiverr Vs Freelancer.com?) Both are good platforms to make money online. If your new into the freelancing world then Fiverr can be the best option out of Fiverr Vs Freelancer.com. Flexibility and diversity of the Fiverr marketplace is a key factor that makes Fiverr superior over other marketplaces. Join Now.