#5 Best websites for industrial designers to Work From Home Part-Time

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[su_heading size=”15″ margin=”30″] 5 Best websites for industrial designers to Work From Home Part-Timee[/su_heading]

Work from home part-time is increasingly popular in trend, and if we look at the latest reports and statistics, you surprise to see that online job more in demand in the new world. Online freelancing is a great way to make money online. As talent becomes increasingly global, the employers are seeking talented freelances. Thereby transforming workplaces and attract global employers to hire a global talent pool and adopt the latest technologies. Online jobs are no more dreams in the current era, and one can hire anyone from anywhere. Here are some facts about Work From Home Part-Time for Industrial Designers.

What do you mean by Freelancing?

Freelancing is a profession, commonly used for a person who is an independent contractor, self-employed, and not associated with any organization as a full-time job holder. Freelancers can be independent contractors, agencies, and consultants. Historical Freelancers are mostly used in the field of press and media for article writing and editing. It is a kind of profession where a person sells their personal skills and expertise. Currently, in the industry, most freelancers are used in content writing, website designers, and graphic designers, and data entry jobs. In recent time industrial designers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and research analysts also working as a freelancer.

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According to the report published by the Freelancer industry in 2012, nearly 18% of freelances from North America are doing writing and proofreading related work.

 · Freelancers will become the 45% workforce of the USA economy by 2025.

· People are more fascinated with Work From Home Part-Time, which is not possible in the past.

· Day by day, global companies facing a shortage of human resources and their belief online freelancing is the best way to overcome the issue.

· The Indian subcontinent is the capital of a freelancing job.

Here is the list of 10 best websites to find work as a freelancer.

#1 Freelancer

Freelancer is an Australian based talent staffing company. Recently freelancers made a world record of having 25 million registered users with the completion of 12 million projects online. One of the fastest growing online working websites in the world.

There are different fee structures for freelancers and clients. It varies depending on the type of membership plan, type of project, or service.

Here is the list below that how much does a Freelancer.com cost to their users?

·        There is a flat commission charge of 10% for fixed-price projects depending on the payment transactions. So on every payment transaction, you need to pay 10% as a commission to freelancer.com

·        It slightly differs in the case of hourly jobs, and you charged either 10% or USD 5.00, whichever is higher for hourly projects

·        Freelance also conduct regular contests in which you need to pay either 10% or USD 5.00, whichever is greater

·        If you have services, then you need to pay a 20% fee of the total service price.

·        Preferred Freelancer Program charged flat 15% of the project fee. Whether it is hourly or fixed price jobs.

Work From Home Part-Time


1) Easy to grab the project. New babies may try this website.

2) Informative website. The support team is also good.

3) User-friendly website with transparent source of payment.

4) The payment can be directly credit in your direct bank account.

5) More than 3000+ job skills available to work. Its App is also available for Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux platforms. Using App, you can track the number of working hours associated with the project.

6) Best websites for Content Writers, graphic designers, and website designers. They get responses easily.

7) One of the most excellent Platforms to work in the world. Freelancer website has the highest number of clients and freelancers to work in the world.

8) You can create a freelancer, client, and even agency account in the single platform.


1) The freelancer may face massive competition on this website. It is one of the reasons for the low bid price projects available on the freelancer.

2) You need to be very responsive. Most of the projects need to complete on an urgent basis.

3) The first payment you get 21 days to credit in your account due to the standard process of verification. Later it will take hardly 2-3 days to transfer the amount in your account. Fiverr is the best website for Work from Home part-time.

4) You can’t rely on this website for big projects.

5) You need to join any membership plan to bid the project. Initially, it was free, but now it is charging. In an open membership plan, you can bid up to eight projects per month.

6) This site is ideal for a short-term project. You can’t rely on one client for a long-term project.

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Fiverr is an online market place where employers find a talented freelancer for their projects. The website is user-friendly to use. Fiverr provide skilled freelancer at super low prices, which start at $5. In 2018 Fiverr won the Great User Experience award for the year. I recommend Fiverr for startup companies where they can minimize the initial cost of hiring multiple positions.

An outstanding platform for sellers and buyers to work From Home Part-Time

Many CEOs of small startup companies switching to Fiverr due to its low charges, and now it is not required to hire multiple persons for multiple positions. You can reply Fiverr for lots of your daily jobs associated with your organization. Fiverr also provide you with the platform where you can hire a freelancer full-time/part-time/ project wise position remotely.

As a freelancer Fiverr is outstanding with payment options, technical support, and overall transparency of the project. Recently Fiverr also launched the platform for trainers and tutors. So now if you have skills, then you can make lots of money from Fiverr.

Gigs search

It is the uniqueness of the Fiverr marketplace. There are two types of online freelancing websites working in the market. One is bidding kind, and another is bidding with Gigs promotion. , few websites work when you offer on a particular project and basis of your skills, experience, and work portfolio you get the project. But Fiverr not only allow you to bid on the project but also provide you to showcase your skills by creating Gigs. These Gigs directly displayed to the employers, and if your gigs are outstanding, then you will instantly be hired from here. No need to bid and face competition with other freelancers.

Fiverr have reasonable security measures, and freelancers need to provide personal and professional details before accepting any project. Employers need not worry about the payment because payment will only release after the approval from employers. Here there are four levels of sellers. New sellers, seller one, seller two, and top-rated sellers. It depends upon your working and completion of projects on Fiverr. Search Engine also shows freelancers gigs based on their levels. Here is a list of the pros and cons of the Fiverr market place.

Work From Home Part-Time

 When you get blocked?

Fiverr may block your account if you misbehave with the clients and ask payment outside the Fiverr. Another way is that you may block if you share your personal contact details to employers.


1) An excellent platform for students who can earn pocket money while working on Fiverr. Mainly small projects are available to work. Fresher’s can may try Fiverr.

2) Fiverr is a user-friendly website.

3) Easy and fast to communicate with the client.

4) The Payment method is excellent.

5) No Membership plan is required to bid the project. Daily you can bid a maximum of 10 projects.

6) Best websites for Content Writers, graphic designers, and animators. They get a response quickly.

7) You can create a Freelancer and client account here, but Fiverr doesn’t allow you to create an agency account in a single platform.


1) Low price projects are mainly available on Fiverr.

2) One major drawback is that the client can hire you here without discussing the project requirement. And if you choose not to accept the project, then your profile hampered.

3) Every payment you get 21 days to credit in your account. It makes Fiverr make inferior over other websites.

4) A limited job is available to work. Even in the time dispute, Fiverr is helpless to help freelancers.

5) This site is ideal for a short-term project. You can’t rely on one client for a Long-term project.

#3 Guru

Guru is one of the oldest USA based marketplaces, where the employer can hire talented freelancers from various industrial domains to complete specific projects and jobs. It is a flexible dashboard that provides employers and freelancers to connect with a platform to collaborate on particular projects.

Guru.com was founded in the year 1999 with the vision to provide an online market place where freelancers and employers can work together. Guru operates from the Pittsburgh Headquarter United States. Guru can be the best friend of you if you want to make some passive income work from home part-time.

Work From Home Part-Time


1) One of the oldest freelancing websites in the world. American Website provides ten bids per month in the free membership plan.

2) High-quality projects are available to work. Mostly Project Based on New invention and product design.

3) You can directly communicate with the client apart from Guru Website. Which is not possible in another website like Fiverr and the freelancer.

4) Transparent and fast source of payment. Guru also accepts PayPal for transactions. Accept various payments, likewise direct bank transfer, wire transfer, e-checks, etc.

5) Although the flow of the project is not like other freelancing websites, the quality of projects is excellent.

6) The best site for civil designers, interior designers, and product designers. Most of the time, innovative projects are available to work, which may attract talent designers and engineers to work. They get a response quickly.

7) Most of the projects are long term based projects. It allows freelancers to earn more while working on Guru.

8) Guru doesn’t charge anything for a job posting as like others.

9) One great advantage while working on Guru is that safe pay integration. In simple terms, freelancer project payment is safe and secure. Freelancers can withdraw payment from safe pay integration, even while the client is not online. Like another freelancing website, it does not require clients to approve each milestone’s payment. It merely works with the agreement made between client and freelancer before the project start.

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10) One another advantage is that freelancer has a chance to get as much as feedback review in a single project itself. While in other freelancing website freelancers get only one feedback review after the end of the project but in guru.com freelancers have golden opportunity to secure feedback after each transaction of payments.

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1) Limited Skills are available here. You find most of the American based recruiter here.

2) The Response time of the client is not good. Sometimes the client may take one or two weeks to respond.

3) This website is not available on App as like others.

4) The overall design of the site is not good and look inferior to other websites.

5) The tracking app of the hourly based project is also not good.

6) You can’t create a client and even an agency account in a single platform.

#4 Upwork

Upwork is a global market place where freelancers and employers work together remotely. American based Company initially started its operation in the year 2003 with the name of oDesk, but after the merger with Elance in 2015, it is rebranded as Upwork worldwide.

Till 2019, Upwork has more than ten million registered freelancers, with around five million registered clients across the world. Upwork is the biggest online marketplace after Fiverr.

If you are a professional designer, Architect, Industrial Designer, Product manufacturers, and expert web developer, then freelancing is the right option for you. If you are struggling with 9 to 5 am job then Upwork can be the best alternative for you. Work from home part-time can’t be fulfilled without

If you have some professional dream to achieve and struggling from finance, then you can fulfill your dream by working from Home. Upwork should be your first choice while working from Home if you are a skilled person. Even some of the time, you may find projects from Fortune 500 companies in the world. Yes, it can be an excellent experience for you.

Upwork Earning


1) Upwork has a user-friendly website which makes freelancer and clients work in transparency environment.

2) Upwork is a marketplace; you can register an account as a freelancer as a client and even as an agency in a single platform. 

3) Initially, freelancers can bid up to 30 projects per month from the free membership account, but now it is chargeable.

4) Upwork work with a Credit points system. Usually, two credit points are required to apply for a single job. Recently Upwork launched a $15 monthly membership program for the freelancer. 

6) Transparent and fast source of payment. The Upwork app is also available for Android and Mac platforms. You can talk to your client or freelancers while lying on the bed due to its amazing App.

7) Known for the diversity of job skills with good quality of projects. More than 300+ skills are available to work.

8) Best websites for every kind of skilled freelancers. They get a response quickly.

9) Most of the clients have a payment verified account with project history details that impress freelancers to work with them.

10) Upwork deals with the long-term project, which can be in hourly or fixed-price jobs. For hourly jobs, you can install a timer on your desktop, then as long as you continue working on the project, the timer will record, and according to that, your payment will release.


1) The overall Competition is high. Most of the time, it’s tough even to register a new account in Upwork. Due to high Competition, Upwork not approved all newcomer accounts.

2) It requires skilled, talented freelancers. Talent is the primary key to get success quickly in Upwork.

3) Initially, you need to have the patience to get a response from the website.

4) Now its services are chargeable, which may affect newcomers to join.

5) Your profile and work portfolio should be outstanding. You can share your personal contact details with your clients if they ask for, but Upwork doesn’t allow any transactions outside the website.

 # 5 People per Hour

People per Hour (PPH) is a UK based online market place website Operated from London, UK. It is the best Platform for Bloggers, graphic designers, and content writers. The initial response is good. Are you struggling with Work from the Home part-time job the PPH can be the best answer for you?



1) Transparent and safe source of payment.

2) You can bid 15 projects every month from a free membership account. The bid is allocated based on your credit points. In PPH (People Per Hour) doesn’t charge any fee from employers to hire any freelancers, but buyers need to pay service fees based on payment method. Generally, most of the payment method charges £0.6+10%. If you have a requirement is on an urgent basis, then you need to pay an additional $15 for project listing. This project will mark as “urgent” in PPH.

3) PPH is entirely free to register, promote your services, and search for freelancers on PPH. But as a freelancer, you need to pay a Service Fee when successful earning through projects (i.e., when your employers pay your project invoices). Here is the service fee break down plan.

   Lifetime billing per Buyer  

           Service Fee

   Over £5000 | $7000 | €6000  

           3.5% (excl. VAT)

  Between £500 | $700 | €600 and £5000 | $7000 | €6000      

           7.5% (excl. VAT)

  Below £500 | $700 | €600  

           20% (excl. VAT)

4) You can register as a new Freelancers where you will get three months (qualifying period) to complete at least two projects or invoice bill payment of an aggregate of £100. If you received average four stars feedback from these two projects, then you can retain the full access to PPH Freelancer features. If not, then here are the options for you.

Skillshare Many GEOs

  • 3 Month Extension package:

– You will get 150 FREE proposals credits. These are additional credits which differ from those which receive from FREE monthly ones. These never expire, and you can use them whenever you want. Provide unlimited offers posts, and you can create Offers and sell your services.

  • 1 Month Extension package:

– In this, you will get 30 free proposal credits. These are additional credits which differ from those which receive from FREE monthly ones. These never expire, and you can use them whenever you want. Provide unlimited offers posts, and you can create Offers and sell your services. So nothing is free, okay.


1) Still new in the market, so technical skills are also limited.

2) Most of the time, clients do not verify which makes you little worry about payment even if you are select for any project.

3) The first payment you get 14 days to credit in your account due to the standard process of verification. Later it will take hardly a week to transfer the amount in your account.

4) Project flow is also limited as compared with other freelancing websites.

5) This site is ideal for a short-term and medium range of projects.

6) You can’t create a freelancer, client and even agency account in the single platform.


If you are a fresh university passed student, struggling with suitable job placement then you must try above freelancing websites. Although these websites are not only for fresher if you have experience in particular skills than freelancing can be your best option to Work From Home Part-Time.

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