Never Mess With Fiverr Vs Guru.com: Which One Is Better

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Never Mess With Fiverr Vs Guru.com: Which One Is Better


Guru.com is one of the oldest USA based marketplaces, where the employer can hire talented freelancers from various industrial domains to complete individual projects and jobs. How you Judge which one is best Fiverr Vs Guru.com? Here is the answer

It is a flexible Dashboard that provides employers and freelancers to connect with a platform to collaborate on different projects. Guru.com was founded in the year 1999 with the vision to provide an online market place where freelancers and employers can work together. Guru operated from the Pittsburgh Headquarter United states. Here is the answer Fiverr Vs Guru.com: Which One Is Better

Fiverr is an online market place where employers find a talented freelancer for their projects. This website is user-friendly for the user. Fiverr provide skilled freelancer at super low prices, which start at $5. In 2018 Fiverr won the Great User Experience award for the year. I recommend Fiverr for startup companies where they can minimize the initial cost of hiring multiple positions.
1) Guru.com is well known for mostly civil & construction-related projects. The best freelancing website for civil designers, interior designers, and product designers. Most of the time, innovative projects are available to work, which may attract talent designers and engineers to work.

1) An excellent platform for students who can earn pocket money while working on Fiverr. Mainly small projects are available to work. New babies can try Fiverr. Diversity in the projects.
2) One great advantage while working on Guru is that safe pay integration. In simple terms, freelancer project payment is safe and secure. Freelancers can withdraw the amount from safe pay integration, even while the client is not online. Like another freelancing website, it does not require clients to approve each milestone payment. It merely works with the agreement made between client and freelancer before the project start.

2) Fiverr not only allow you to bid on the project but also provide you to showcase your skills by creating Gigs. These Gigs directly displayed to the employers, and if your gigs are outstanding, then you will instantly be hired from here. No need to bid and face competition with other freelancers.
3) American Website provides ten bids per month in the free membership plan.You can try with a free membership account in Guru. And once you got some payment then switch to a paid membership account. In a free account, you can only bid ten projects monthly. But in paid membership account you get several unique and rollover options. Guru never considers a bid if you get an invitation from the client. Here is no feature of rollback in the free membership account. Guru offers a monthly and year paid membership plan which starts from $11.95 to $8.95 per month. In the free membership plan, you need to pay $4.95 per test. Whereas in paid membership plans you can join Q/a sessions, search booster, and free skill test.

3) No Membership plan is required to bid the project. Daily you can bid a maximum of 10 projects. Even no need to bid the project if your gigs are awesome. Clients will directly communicate with you. As soon as you increase you’re earning then Fiverr will improve the rating of your services.

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4) You can directly communicate with the client apart from Guru Website. Which is not possible in another website like Fiverr and the freelancer. Although the flow of the project is not like other freelancing websites, the quality of projects is excellent. Guru doesn’t charge anything for a job posting as like others.

4) You can’t directly communicate with the client apart from Guru Website. Fiverr has diversity in the project. Fiverr charges a small fee for a job posting like other freelancing websites.


If your new into the freelancing world then Fiverr can be the best option to start. Flexibility and diversity of the Fiverr marketplace is a key factor that makes Fiverr superior in comparison with Fiverr Vs Guru.com. Join Now.

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