# 13 Ways to Make Money without a Website!

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[su_heading size=”15″ margin=”30″]# 13 Ways to Make Money without a Website! [/su_heading]

A website is the best way to make money online. It’s a myth that there should be a website to make money online. But it’s not true at all. If you are thinking in the same direction, then here are the 13 ways to make money Without a Website.

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Freelancing is a profession, commonly used for a person who is an independent contractor, self-employed and not associated with any organization as a full-time job holder. Freelancers can be independent contractors, agencies, and consultants. Historical Freelancers are used in the field of press and media for article writing and editing. This is a kind of profession where a person sells their personal skills and expertise. Currently, in the industry, most freelancers are used in content writing, website designers, and graphic designers and data entry jobs. But now industrial designers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and research analysts also working as a freelancer.

make money online
  • According to the report published by the Freelancer industry in 2012, nearly 18% of freelances from North America are doing writing and proofreading related work. According to a freelancer’s Union report in the year 2016, estimated that approximately 55 million people earn more than $1 trillion.


  1. Freedom and flexibility of working hours
  2. No limitation of earning.
  3. Selectivity with the type of jobs and clients
  4. No pressure and target as like conventional jobs
  5. Freedom to take holidays and spend quality time with your family.
  6. Never experience office politics and pressure work culture.


  1. Feel isolation.
  2. Inconsistent earnings and cash flow
  3. you have several bosses instead of one boss.
  4. Hustle in handling multiple projects at the same time.
  5. No paid holidays and weekend paid off days.
  6. No medical policy.
  7. you need to learn various new skills to maximize your earning.

2) Blogging

Blogging is increasingly popular in the Modern world. It is an innovative way to convert your passion of writing into the Selling of products. Day by day, Blogging gets more substantial than life and industry needs lots of bloggers in upcoming years too.

An entrepreneur needs lots of initial investment and resources to run his venture successful. Blogging gives you a platform to sell and promote your services with affordable financing. Additional SEO skills and depth knowledge of your niche makes you more comfortable in the Blogging world.

make money online

How to monetize your blog?

An Ad network is a technology Invented during the late 90s when online advertising starts working. It is a platform that allows publishers, a group of publishers, and a group of advertisers to place, promotion ads on their blogs and content to promote the product.

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An Ad network works with impressions and clicks on particular ads which placed into bloggers content, and bloggers get benefits from these impressions and clicks in terms of royalty when product and Service are sold out.


1) Easy to Monetize Your Blog post. Fresh bloggers can earn from these networks even if their daily visitors are very low.

2) AdSense is the best Platform to monetize your blog in the market.

3) Apart from AdSense, there are lots of other websites where you can look to monetize your blog post. For example, Taboola, Adnow, propeller ads, etc.

4) Transparent, source of payment.

5) You can expect more than 1000$ earning per month quickly if your blog content is good, and the placement of your ads are impressive.

6) There are various types of ad networks likewise pay per Click, Cost per mile, text link ads, and advertising widgets, etc. Their payout is also different.


1) It is tough to get publishers’ approval from AdSense from Google. It is also wired sometimes AdSense block your account without any reason. Better look for alternatives they pay out less, but the approval process is simple and reliable.

2) Lots of paid ads showing your blogs make ugly in front of viewers. Better start with single or two ads on your blogs to support yourself. Blogging is not all about earning; it is a passion to write something informative for others.

3) These websites are prolonged payment process. AdSense only pays if your threshold making is more than 100$, and it will take more than two weeks to process the payment.

4) A Little complex to understand by beginners about earning calculator. People may confuse about PPM, PPC, EPM, and impressions.

3) Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the oldest Platforms to sell any product online. In Affiliate marketing, bloggers drive theirs traffics on an affiliate link and the basis of blogger recommendation if the product sold out than bloggers receive a commission from that. Blogging is a platform where the solution is provided to website traffic and visitors, and if your content is excellent and reliable, then you may expect good sell. It mainly depends upon your niche. A niche can be Making money online, traveling and health & fitness, etc.

make money online


1) You can generate more than 1000$ from the affiliate link without any investment.

2) Easy and fast way to earn money from Blogging.

3) The payment method is good as compare to ad network websites.

4) It’s a recurring business model, and your earning is not limited in this case.

5) The best sites for affiliate marketing is Click Bank, JVZOO, Amazon and Maxbounty, etc. You need to get approval first to sell any affiliate product.


1) Need a high traffic website for Approvals. The approval process is not so easy in the beginning.

2) First, you need to create your blog readers’ interest, and according to that, you can place an affiliate link on the Website.

3) Again, here payment term is slow, and sometimes your affiliate payment can take more than 90 days to credit in your account.

4) You need to write the high standard quality blog in a particular niche to promote your affiliate link.

5) You also ready for the initial investment to run few paid campaigns to capture leads from the Website or landing page.

4) CPA Marketing

CPA marketing stands for Cost per action marketing strategy. It is similar to affiliate marketing, but here you need not sell any product. The company will pay you commission for specific tasks and activities. These tasks can email submit, credit card offers, single options page submission, double-page submission, and app install, etc. CPA affiliate programs are like Maxbounty, Click booth, CPA lead and click dealer, etc. Here you also find some of the offers based on the sale of items and commission will pay only if your subscribers or Website traffic purchase from the affiliate link. But most of the time CPA affiliates get paid for Cost per action.

make money online


1) It is easy to generate more than 1000$ from CPA marketing with little investment.

2) Easy and fast way to earn money from the Website.

3) The payment method is good as compare to ad network websites.

4) It’s a recurring business model, and your earning is not limited.

5) Best sites for CPA marketing is Click booth, Click dealer, CPA lead and Maxbounty, etc. Your approval only confirms after a telephonic conversation with Affiliate Manager.

6) You can earn money while sleeping.


1) The approval process is not so easy in the beginning, and you need to have a website for that.

2) CPA marketing requires lots of other skills like Digital Marketing, Blogging, SEO, website design and email marketing, etc.

3) CPA Marketing requires an initial investment to earn money from the Website. You also need to design a landing page on your Website. Finance is mainly necessary for creating a landing page, running Facebook campaigns, and affiliate link tracking services.

4) You can get free traffic for your CPA offers, but it took more effort and time.

5) It is an accessible money-making business, but one main drawback is that most of the CPA offer valid for specific countries.

5) Surveys

If you are looking for real online money then survey jobs are best for you. If you are doing online surveys for money, then check out some of the MNC companies listed below

1) Inbox Dollars(USA)

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2) Your Surveys.com(INDIA)

Take Surveys. Earn Rewards. Start Today!

3) Pine-cone research(UK)


4) Swag buck surveys

5) Survey Junkie (USA)

Everyday MNC companies are paying big bucks to provide people with interest and what people are thinking. They are eager to understand how you feel while shopping and why you buy certain products. You will get paid either from your PayPal account or Payoneer or else through reward points after completing the survey. 

6. Dropshipping

make money online


1) One of the latest ways to monetize your Website.

2) Earning from drop shipping modal is much more of the above-earning methods. The sky is the limit here.

3) Easy to start and reliable to make money online for a long duration.

4) A transparent and quick source of payment.

5) In the future, you can sell your product via drop shipping if you a build trusted audience from your blog.


1) You need to learn various skills to get profit from the drop-shipping store. Therefore, a lot of work associated here. It is challenging to manage individuals. You need to hire a team to manage your store.

2) The store manager should ready to take specific measures if your shipment returned. The customer is a god in dropshipping, so you have accepted these challenges in the case of return of delivery of product and exchange of products too.

3) The dropshipping product needs to connect with your blogging niche.

4) It requires an enormous initial investment for creating a store, managing shipments, and paid campaigns.

7) Consultancy Services

If you have a team of a few technical people, then you can start your online consulting firm. Most of the IT professionals start a career as designers or developers, but later they establish a consulting firm.

make money online


1) One of the best suited and long-term ways to monetize your Website. It will provide you high- return with reliable recurring income.

2) If you are a graphic designer, you can easily earn more than 1000$ per month from consultancy Services. Graphic designers, logo designers, website designers, and content writers are the most demanding skills online.

3) If you are a financial advisor, then you can charge for a phone consultation, Email consultation and even for video conferencing meeting on an hourly basis.

4) You don’t expect how much you can make from selling your consultancy services from the Website.

5) You can establish your brand and organization.

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1) You need to build the first trusted audience to sell your Service.

2) Due to the different world time zone, your privacy will hamper.

3) Initially, you need to have the patience to get a response from this model of business.

4) It requires enormous effort and patience.

8) Amazon FBA

Most of the people always ask what Amazon Fba is and how it works. The answer is very simple. If you are a manufacturer, then Amazon provides you with a platform to sell your products and shipping will be done by Amazon.

make money online


1) Selling a product is also similar to drop shipping, but everything is automated in dropshipping. If you are a manufacturer and you have a passion for writing blogs, then this is ideal for you to earn and promote your product from a blog.

2) Best Platform for manufacturers, graphic designers, and skilled persons.

3) Again, it is easy and fast for ways to communicate with your potential clients.

4) You can earn lots of money by selling your product with a considerable profit margin. A long-term reliable source of payment.

5) The initial investment is not as required in the case of drop shipping.


1) You may face huge competition in this process.

2) Quality and Service need to address correctly.

3) You need to run paid promotions to get the results. Which cost you additional bucks from your pocket.

4) You need to build the first trusted audience to sell your product.

5) Here you ship products manually to the client address.

9) Sell your E-book


1) Selling E-Book is a great way to make additional income from the Website.

2) If you have good fan followings over social media, then readers may purchase your E-book through your Website.

3) Everyone looking to make money online and if complied with all your strategies in a single E-book than you may break the Ice.

4) You can list your E-book on Amazon too and drive traffic to your blog to the Amazon store.

5) Here you don’t need to have an e-commerce store and even don’t require to get approval from CPA and affiliate networks to make money from the Website.

6) You have your list of customers and products to sell out. Don’t require any additional platform to share your revenue.


1) Proper research is required.

2) E-book needs to be written in a high quality of standard to attract potential customers.

3) You need to hire native English writers for proofreading.

10) PTC Sites

PTC websites are known for the user to pay for viewing ads. They pay for viewings daily ads and doing surveys. But only a few sites pay. Here you have the potential to make money online up to $200 per month.


1) Bloggers can make additional bucks for providing product reviews on their blogs.

2) Technical bloggers can make the right amount of money from product reviews.

3) It is best suitable for travel, electronics, health, and Domain hosting related niche blogs.

4) E-commerce websites hire a lot of bloggers for providing product reviews for their products.


1) Reviews should be genuine and appropriate.

2) A Blogger needs to taste the product before leaving any bad or proper feedback on the product.

3) Their reviews are general recommendations for an audience, so the blogger needs to be careful before providing any feedback.

4) You must be expertise in product reviews.

11) Online Courses

Online Courses


1) If you write blog related investment and the stock market, then you can launch online training courses on your blogger website.

2) It is an additional way to generate an extra amount from your blogging career, which is mainly from training-related jobs and assignments.

3) You can directly prepare the list of subscribers and float mail about your services and course-related your niche.

4) Long-term business model. A website like Udemy and Lynda are best for online courses.

5) It is the right modal of business, but you must have proper knowledge of the subject.

Skillshare Many GEOs


1) Additional skills are required.

2) Quality is the most import for this kind of business modal.

3) Training should be engaging, informative, and engaging with clients.

12) Promote Your YouTube Video

Promote your skills and knowledge through Youtube. Youtube is another way to make money online from home.



1) YouTube is another platform where you can make money online, and if you are on YouTube, you can promote your channel via blogs, then this is the best method of earning.

2) It is another way to engage your audience on both the platform blogging and YouTube. You need to have your Website to place your videos apart from YouTube.

3) You can generate additional income from YouTube too.

4) You can sell your product and services also via YouTube. But I recommend you to have your Website before entering into YouTube.


1) Additional Skill is required to create YouTube Videos.

2) It is complicated to manage alone. Lots of small tasks associated with YouTube and Blogging, so you need to have a professional team for this.

3) Creating a blog and YouTube is a time-consuming process.

13) Sell and promote your Gigs



1) You can create your sell Gigs like Domain hosting company promote their hosting plan to sell their services and product.

2) You might hear some online freelancing websites like Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com, Upwork. Com where you get paid when you complete any job or project there. In return, these websites charge a 10%-20% commission from per transaction. You can save this commission if you have your client list. Just bring these clients into your Website and sell your services themselves.

2) Sell Gigs are similar to Service selling business modal.

3) Good numbers of your blog subscribers, create healthy income at the end of every month.

4) Again, it’s a recurring model of business.


1) Required skills.

2) You also need to invest some bucks in promoting your gigs on social media to get a response.


In conclusion, Blogging is a great way to earn extra money without sacrificing your regular job. Be your boss, and attract your potential customers about your services and skills.

You can look for a Full-time career in Blogging. In upcoming blogs, I will write more about the online freelancing job. Feel free to ask me any queries if you have. You can make money online up to $1000 per month easily.

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